All My Reasons Why

Welcome all.

  I am Nik Meds, Author, and creator of this Mental health guide on I have revised a lot of my posts from previous if you knew me from before covid. My previous articles had the right idea but I wasn’t healed as I am now…My new state of mind took the opportunity to sit silently and focus a more upbeat approach to mental health. 

 I have overcome more than I could ever write about in my life time. I will share my stories, my challenges, my breakthroughs, with you in the hopes that you will learn from them.

What qualifies me to give mental health advice you ask? Well I am a little unglued for one…as well over 20 years working in health care a BS degree in health science. Oh and 35 years spent doing my best to cope with my own mental illnesses and usually failing miserably, until I took the time to do the work. 

 Having made almost every mistake one could make on every path I have taken giving me a unique point of view. I am able to share my large bag of tricks that have actually worked for me. I plan to  share sarcastic insight on  how to navigate the world from a mind that works much differently than what we have come to view as standard.

Whether you have mental disabilities, childhood trauma, a screwed up family or

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any need to grow as a human. You have found your information station.

My ambition for my writing these passages is simple, to help people who need help, to show people it is possible to be happy and have full life.

You are not an outsider, especially not in this group, everything you have been through is what has made you, you and you my friend are absolutely beautiful. 

I know, I get it, you don’t want to be unique or think differently, you want to be Normal…but what is normal, but a herd of lemmings jumping to their deaths? I guarantee you there is no such thing as a normal human, there is a façade of how a person should act but that’s actually creepy, not normal. Every person on this planet is struggling with something, remember all pictures look perfect until you get up close.

Instead of us trying to be “normal” how about we focus on accepting ourselves at face value and finding ways to be better human beings.. Better to each other, better to ourselves, just kinder, well rounded human being who cares about other living beings. Now let’s get through the suffering and let life become a little bit easier. 

 If I have said anything that resonates with you then please stick around….it only gets better. Happy Healing 



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